Streamline Your (Digital) Life with these 5 Free Apps

Out with the old and in with the new, right? The New Year is here and many of us are ready to set new goals, make changes and most importantly, stick to them! In this digital age, we rely heavily on technology or apps to keep us organized, on task or connected to the world around us (myself included). However, all these apps can lead to a technology overload.

If you’re like me, you are ready to simplify your digital life, but find it very hard to just unplug. Never fear. I’ve done some research and gathered some free apps that will help you streamline your social media and online efforts as well as everyday tasks, giving you more time to take a break from your phone, get organized and be more productive.

Here are five apps you can’t live without:

  1. Viber: Free Messaging and Calls. Unlike other free voice and text apps, Viber has an interesting PC component. Android and iPhone users can transfer voice calls to the Viber PC app and keep talking, or pick up a text conversation where they left off. Pretty cool? Best of all, it’s free.
  2. Trello. As a business owner, I have a million things going on in my mind at once. I need an app that lets me dump all my thoughts in one place and still be organized. Hello, Trello. Trello is a great project management tool. Essentially it’s a mobile app where you can organize all the sticky notes hanging on your wall at home, inside your car and maybe even your bathroom mirror. You know, the typical places you turn to when generating ideas or remembering things. Because Trello lets you invite people to join your boards, it is a great source for keeping on top of your team-based projects. Click on any individual card and you can add comments, add a checklist for tracking progress on a particular tasks, attach files and much more.
  3. Field Trip. Ever been on vacation or a business trip in an unfamiliar town and wondered what there is to do? Field trip answers that question in this simple, yet informative app that sends out alerts to your phone with articles, deals, and facts relating to your current location. Once activated, this free app pulls from sources like Zagat and Scoutmob to give you insight into important and useful information about the world around you.
  4. Flipboard. Flipboard is awesome because it lets you gather all the news that is useful to you in one place. The sleekly designed app has a magazine format and lets you flip through articles from sources picked by you. Flipboard is a free app.
  5. SugarSync. Don’t you hate when you have to remove files from your phone because you have too many documents and not enough space? You obviously haven’t tried SugarSync. This app lets you automatically backup your photos and videos to a free 5G online account. SugarSync lets you share files, sync between devices and offers a sleek user-friendly interface. One of the best cloud storage services, hands down.

So, how do you streamline? What other apps have you found helpful. Do share!

This Thought Bubble Communications blog post was contributed by Meredith Mobley. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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