Effective Email Subject Line Tips for the Holiday Season


The holiday season is here. With the holiday season comes holiday sales. With those holiday sales comes holiday emails. And, with those holiday emails comes…holiday email subject lines.  Some of them are horrible. It seems like marketers will say anything in a subject line to catch your attention. But, what really works? How do you craft the perfect headline?

Although there are many factors to consider, here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating a captivating subject line:

  • Know Your Audience.  It isn’t enough to be catchy; you must be catchy with a purpose. What are your audiences’ pain points? Your subject line should directly address the needs or concerns that affect your audience.
  • WRITING IN ALL CAPS ALWAYS WORKS. Not. There is no need to yell at your audience in the subject line. It does not create a sense of urgency. In fact, you will probably scare them off. All caps can also take you straight to the Spam folder. Speaking of Spam…
  • “Free” or “Act Now” emails = Spam. Spam filters are very sophisticated these days. Be careful of your word choice in your email subject lines. The average person receives more than 100 emails per day, additional messages that aren’t relevant will be blocked, and software will continue to advance to only allow the best emails through. Avoid using words like, “Free,” “Act Now,” or “Cheap.”
  • Be Consistent. Everything you write and create contributes to your brand. Consistent subject lines help set the tone for how you speak to your audience. Consistency not only looks very professional and builds up credibility, but will help your customers recognize your emails easily.
  • Subject Line Length. Email marketing researchers have gone back and forth over this topic. What is the perfect email signature length? Should your subject line go on and on? No. Email web services allow an upwards of 50 characters in the subject line. So, as a business marketing to prospects and clients via email, an effect subject line should ideally be between 40 and 50 characters max.

A successful email marketing campaign depends on the quality of the email message, and most importantly, the subject line. The five tips mentioned above should help you fine tune and improve your subject line. Try them out and let us know if you see an improvement in results!


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