Why Can’t We Be Friends?


Having trouble keeping your Facebook “fans?”, Forbes.com Blogger Susan Breslin has some insight into why. According to Breslin, end-users see right through you. In her article, she discusses five main reasons why you are losing fans, and because I would hate to keep you in suspense, I’ve included those reasons below:

  1. You don’t own your page.
  2. You’re trying too hard.
  3. You don’t get it.
  4. You’re boring.
  5. You’re a control freak.

I have to admit, reason number four kind of stings. Ouch. Don’t take these personally, though. Instead, remember what social media is all about. Engage your fans and get to know them. Don’t be overbearing. Social media allows you to be more flexible with your content and responses. Although you cannot control the conversation, you can definitely monitor and contribute to it. By contributing, you can alter the direction of the conversation.

People are going to talk about your brand online. Wouldn’t you rather they include you in the conversation by tweeting your company directly or posting on your Facebook wall?

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